TECHNO Covered From Hugo RTF&Yoko Hallelujah,Remixed by Pedro!

Image/art©️Hugo RTF


Please check it out Techno version track of our covered “Gurenge” from Hugo’s project!


Thanks for watching our covered track friends, hope you like them.

Hugo is great musician and he makes cool and great sounds, so please keep watching and enjoy them!

As we said on the top text, we released new version of covered video already!

It’s same tune called Gurenge (Demon Slayer OP title), we covered by Metal version last time.

This time, updated TECHNO version!

New version is, Remixed by Pedro J. Monge! Big thanks Pedro!

Please check Hugo’s covered sounds and listen them!

Hope you liked Techno arrangement one too;)

Here is!

“Gurenge-Demon Slayer[Covered] TECHNO by Hugo RTF & Yoko Hallelujah”

Big Thanks to Hugo, Pedro J. Monge, Iñigo & all friends!

Video Edited by Iñigo Arr of Recrum Media.[] ©︎Hugo RFT [Official Youtube]


Hugo RTFのカヴァーシリーズ・ヴォーカル編!

スペインのメロディックデスメタルバンド「Rise To Fall」のHugo RTFとYoko Hallelujahによる邦楽&アニメカヴァーシリーズ、前回のメタルアレンジに続き、今回はテクノです。

リミックスはスペインのミュージシャン、Pedro J. Mongeによるアレンジメントです!





Here is credit of this version, below.


“Gurenge-Demon Slayer[Covered] TECHNO by Hugo RTF & Yoko Hallelujah”

Production, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys and Synths by HugoRTF.

Vocals & backing vocals by Yoko Hallelujah.

Recorded by Hugo RTF.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Pedro J Monge (Chromaticity Studios).

Video: Edited by Iñigo Arr of Recrum Media.

[Gurenge credit] Special thanks & respect

Original artist : LiSA

Lyric written by LiSA

Music written by Kayoko Kusano

Thanks for watching us, keep in touch guys!


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