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Hi Folks!

Yoko joined covered music record and the video public already since 16th Jan!

It is project of Hugo RTF from Rise To Fall in Spain.

As you can read on the image art, we covered huge Japanese tune called “Gurenge!”

He knows many Japanese music as well, so we covered huge Japanese tunes this time!

Big thanks to Hugo and all my metal family in EU!

In order to, just uploaded very rough/simple information Video on Hallelujah’s page.

Here is.

[Yoko’s simple and short one]

©︎Yoko Hallelujah[]

It is for guide/information video for official Hugo one from Yoko’s side.

Official one was uploaded already, so please check directly to Hugo’s channel also we will do there sometime maybe? -If you have request, tell us feel free!-

[Notice] Hugo RTF video is official one and video work by Iñigo Arr of Recrum Media.

This time video[Yoko’s simple and short one] is not his professional work, it is myself/Yoko did for short information;)

Thanks for watching and listened them folks!

スペインのメロディックデスメタルバンド「Rise To Fall」のギタリストHugoによる、メタルカヴァーに参加しました。



オフィシャル版Videoは、Hugo RFTのオフィシャルページにてアップロードされています。

上記インフォ版の動画ページより、Hugo RTFにリンクしています。


*上記はマイセルフ制作のラフ版Videoですのでハレルヤ映像だけを使ってます。Hugo RFTにUPのVideoは、プロフェッショナルエディター🇪🇸がお仕事してます。Yokoページは足掛けとしてご利用ください。*


[Track Credit]

Production, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys and Synths by HugoRTF.

Vocals & backing vocals by Yoko Hallelujah.

Recorded by Hugo RTF.

Post Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Pedro J Monge (Chromaticity Studios).

©️Hugo RTF

[Original Credit]

Original artist : LiSA

Lyric written by LiSA

Music written by Kayoko Kusano(草野華余子)

[Information Video@Yoko Hallelujah] by Y.Hallelujah

[Official Video @Hugo RFT] by Iñigo Arr of Recrum Media.


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