Arigato -GB Remix- will be released very soon!

Folks, we will be released tune called “Arigato” -remixed ver. and re-masterd- on 4th of March 2020.

You can get at all digital stores:)

The Japanese pop track is all London works, and we will say special thanks to Alessandro Vanara from Italy!

This tune called Arigato is a simple and catchy J-pop tune from Yoko Hallelujah. “Arigato” means “Thank you”, and it is most famous Japanese word in the world as you know.

Hope you enjoy and loves it.


iTunes, Amazonをはじめ、各国・各デジストアーにてダウンロードできます。




Arigato -GB Remix-

Yoko Hallelujah

Music and Lyrics Written by Yoko Hallelujah

Arrangement by Justin M James

Engineers/Mixed and Recorded by Shuta Shinoda

Tinroom Recordings Studio London, UK

Mastered by Alessandro Vanara

Lovely Art work by Danny Boulet, also thanks!;)

Produced by Yoko Hallelujah

Special Big Thanks to Alessandro Vanara & Shuta Shinoda:D

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