Session Event from 11th Dec!


One of events called Ginsuikai at 11th Dec, and I am going to go to sing and will have some music sessions on the stage from 12th Dec.

Come and join us folks!

We’ll do at Ginza, Tokyo, Japan below.

Open 6pm Start 7pm till late : Place Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

art copyright ©️Yoko Hallelujah

Note: We are sorry that ld flyer had some wrong details, we already delated from internet and no more update.

Hymns Project have all rights about Arts/flyer for 11th Dec and 12th Dec of events,

Please ask us for permission if you are using old arts/flyer, or do not use except confirm.




イベント:12月11日(水) 19:00pm START! スペシャルゲストあり!


イベントは両日、引き続きYoko Hallelujahほか日本のアーティストが多数参加しますので、


11日および12日のイベント・フライヤーに関して伊エージェントの意向で非公開とさせて頂きましたが、作成者はYoko Hallelujahとなりますので、一部のみ引き続き使用しております。

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