Old blog/diary will be closed soon & other blog information.



Yoko here. Hope you are doing well.

My blog(diary?) called "Ane-san no tawagoto" will be closed end of Jan 2020.

I will put some new information here.

After next feb, my blog will be completely delated from the Internet.

been many years. lots people visited to the old blog, thanks!

-but sorry I didn't update much:p

I really thankful about your support.

But I have few website, and one of site has blog space,

I also post some words or diary thing there.

I will update new blogs information soon anyway!

As you know, I am super lazy about social media/SNS, sorry..

But normal Internet things are, I do better than that;)

I am usually live on few other site that I build.

Basically I don't put important private things on SNS so,

I just doing simply and easy update for any internet stuff;)

I hope to see you around, or here and there!


Yoko x

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