On Nikkansports-newspaper- about Yoko's comment of EU thing...【掲載誌情報】


I heard the news about UK/EU thing,that's really really sad...in my opinion.

I am sorry about but we hope will be great our future as much as our dream.

Anyway, Japanese newspaper called "Nikkansports" put my article on the paper issue of 25th of June.

As you understand, the subject related to EU thing. They wrote down my comments as well.

Thanks for amazing article to writing as much as my feel, as usual;))

And thanks for Nikkansports, always thankful in my mind for you.

If you can read in Japanese, you can check with the internet news as well.

Click HERE and please try to read in Japanese anyway!

All the best, to us.

Lots of love.

Yoko Hallelujah x

6/25発刊の日刊スポーツ誌面にて、EU離脱に関するニュースへのYoko Hallelujahのコメントが





Yoko Hallelujah

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