Article of the event that we did;) 【掲載誌情報】


Japanese newspaper called NikkanSports wrote and uploaded to article of the event that date of 19th of May. (Issue 20th of May)

Mainly the article says about Mis Kuroiwa, but they wrote about me as well, also pics in.

If you can read, you can check from HERE.

Thank you so much to NikkanSports,

And thanks again for all people came in MAJIKANA there!

We hope to see you at some events and hope you enjoyed the other day as well:)

Lots of love,


僭越ながら、ゲスト出演のYoko Hallelujahについても記事内で触れて下さっており、大変感謝しております。




Yoko Hallelujah

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