Next Gig Information as Majikana,Ginza,21st of April.【ライブ告知】

Next Gig Information here,

Yoko Hallelujah going to sing at "Majikana", Ginza, Tokyo again.

This time the event will be talk show with a lots celebrities.

Yoko will sings some original songs and covered tune.

Please come and join us,

Information is below.

You can contact to place also from this website.-English or Japanese-

Thanks a lot,



Yoko Hallelujahのステージは、オープニング〜30分です。お越しの方は19時Must!にておまちしております。






Event: Talk show at Ginza Majikana.

Date: 21st of April (Thu) , 2016 -2016年4月21日(木)

Time: 18.30 open, 19.00 start

Ticket or Entrance Fee: 3,000JPY

Place: Live house "Majikana" in Ginza, Tokyo, JAPAN 銀座まじかな

Address: 2f, 1st bildings of new ginza,7-3-13 Ginza, Chuou-ku,         Tokyo, Japan

     東京都中央区銀座7-3-13 ニューギンザビル・一号館二階

Booking, any question : +81(0)3-3573-5300(majikana)

Details: Solo style and guest's talk some.

Information: Better to Booking before come. or, you can come directly.

Any quesion, please call to number of place.

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