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February 7, 2016


Folks, Yoko Hallelujah going to play Solo gig at Majikana Ginza, Japan at 19th of Feb 2016.

The show has 2nd stages below,

-acoustic style:Japanese song and original tune/ band style The Fab Four covered and original-

also will have some talk show about busking thing.


As you know, we-Japanese- had really sad happened from the natural disaster about 5years past.

It was 11th of Mar 2011.

We are quietly grieve for that thing. Also, many Japanese people who lives in the UK.

Yoko had tried to prepared to get permission to do charity for help to East Japan, and asked to tfl (Transport for London) manager called Rob that her boss of Busking team. The guy made a lots things and discussion to goverment of the UK.

After that, Yoko has been done to official charity with tfl and British Redcross at the underground of London. And, she sang/played to Japanese songs alone from London to Tohoku too.

Also, Yoko called to all Japanese people in London to help to do, then lots people joined her charity.

The charity collected 6581.31pounds from Londoner.


In 2016 now, almost 5years from the disaster. But we should not forget about.

This time in the concert, we will sing and play to Tohoku pepople again with Japanese friends.

We will sale for music, and some profit shold be send to help thing.

Reminds people, Tohoku people still works alot and struggle to many things.


Thanks for the read, 

The detail of gig below, 

Hope to see you there and we will get together and peace,




Event:  Live in Japan  ソロ日本凱旋ライブ in 銀座まじかな

Date: 19th of Feb (Fri) , 2016    -2016年2月19日(金)

Time: 18.00 open, 19.00 start

Ticket or Entrance Fee: 3,000JPY

Place: Live house "Majikana" in Ginza, Tokyo, JAPAN 銀座まじかな

Address: 2f, 1st bildings of new ginza,7-3-13 Ginza, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, Japan

               東京都中央区銀座7-3-13 ニューギンザビル・一号館二階

Booking, any question : +81(0)3-3573-5300(majikana)

Details: Solo style and guest's talk some.

Information: Better to Booking before come. or, you can come directly.

Any quesion, please call to number of place.



ヨーコハレルヤ ソロ凱旋ライブ、2月19日(金)に銀座まじかなにて開催です。








前半アコースティックスタイルでは、東京都発行のバスキング免許システム「ヘヴンズ・アーチスト」にて免許を取得し、活動しているギタリストのJun Sakaiさんをお迎えして、日×英公式バスカーコラボレーションステージを繰り広げます!



後半には引き続きJun Sakaiさんを筆頭に、ビートルズトリビューターも在籍するバンドと、Jazzヴォーカリストをバッキング・ヴォーカルにお迎えし、ビートルズのナンバーを炸裂しちゃいます!












また、この凱旋ライブは、ヨーコハレルヤが政府認可のもとロンドンで2011年に行った、東日本大震災へ向けてのチャリティー活動「JAPAN TSUNAMI APPEAL」の、日本活動も兼ねております。









"Gallery of buskings in London, Liverpool in the UK and Yokohama in Japan."













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