New Tracks on sale Now! Yoko vocal with NeroArgento's Album Out via GO WITH ME RECORDS【リリース情報】

Yoko Hallelujah featuring on NeroArgento's new album called "One Against All".

The album out 13th of Jan 2016 via GO WITH ME RECORDS, Japan.

Please check them, and Yoko sings on tracks called "Chemicals","I Only Need To Run". Listen them and hope you will like them.

You can get any CD store in Japan-Tower records some- also digital store.

Thanks a lot.

GO WITH ME RECORDSより1月13日リリースのネロアルジェントのアルバム"One Against All"に、ヨーコハレルヤがフィーチャリング参加しています。

アルバム内の"Chemicals", ”I Only Need To Run”を是非チェックしてみて下さいね!



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