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26 Feb 2016

Shikoku Newspaper has been writeen an article about Yoko Halleluja's gig of Japan and her charity action in London.

Thanks for your kindness to Shikoku Newspaper and thanks for read people.



2月26日発刊の四国新聞一面コラム「一日一言」にて、Yoko Hallelujahの2.19ライブとロンドンでのチャリティー活動についてをフィーチャーして執筆下さいました。



写真:(c)Mot's PUBLISHING Co.,Ltd





20 Feb 2016


Yoko's article on Japanese Newspapers issue of 20th of Feb 2016.

Thanks for "Nittukan Sports"  also "Sports Hochi".

You can read Nittukan Sports's here,




Thanks a lot anyway!


Yoko Hallelujahの凱旋ライブについての記事を















20 Feb 2016


If you can come to our gig, please take Yoko Hallelujah's EP as much as your pocket.

You can get any prices because some profit will be sent for help people.

The style called "For sale with Busking style".

The CD have 5 tracks, -included 2 same song but other language- 

Also included released track as well but we hope these will be help people also makes your happy!



19 Feb 2016


Thanks for the coming to our MAJIKANA Show at 19th of Feb 2016.

Hope you had good time.


We've met a lots lovely people there, hope to see you again and thanks for support.

See you very sooooooon!


Yoko Hallelujah 







7 Feb 2016


Folks, Yoko Hallelujah going to play Solo gig at Majikana Ginza, Japan at 19th of Feb 2016.

The show has 2nd stages below,

-acoustic style:Japanese song and original tune/ band style The Fab Four covered and original-

also will have some talk show about busking thing.


As you know, we-Japanese- had really sad happened from the natural disaster about 5years past.

It was 11th of M...

21 Jan 2016

Folks, A Japanese journalist wrote an article about Yoko Hallelujah on "Yu-Kan Fuji" issue 20th of Jan 2016. -It's evening paper from Sankei Shimbun Co.,Ltd- 

You can also read from Here,

Mr.Takasu says about Yoko's life mainly busking of London,charity work that she has been done, and her gig that coming 19th Feb. 

Please check it our if you can read Japane...

13 Jan 2016

Yoko Hallelujah featuring on NeroArgento's new album called "One Against All".

The album out 13th of Jan 2016 via GO WITH ME RECORDS, Japan.

Please check them, and Yoko sings on tracks called "Chemicals","I Only Need To Run". Listen them and hope you will like them.

You can get any CD store in Japan-Tower records some- also digital store. 

Thanks a lot.



9 Jan 2016



Folks, 43rd New Years World Rcok Festival will be on Fuji television from 25.35-28.35(GMT/UTC) at 9th Of Jan 2016. 

Please check the program if you can;)

Thanks a lot,


43rd New Years World Rock Festivalのオンエアは、1月9日土曜日、深夜25:35〜28:35の三時間、フジテレビにて一挙放映予定です。是非ご覧下さいね。宜しくお願い致します。







1 Jan 2016


Happy New Year 2016 from Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.


We are having a great event called "New Years World Rock Festival" with countdown;)

Hope you had lovely new years eve and will be great year 2016!


Thanks for coming Today anyway!


Yoko Hallelujah at NYWRF in Tokyo!






29 Dec 2015

Yoko had joined to NYWRF Shinjuku promotion with Mr.Uchida and Big Japanese artists.

It was amazing promotion and cool all people in Shinjuku, really enjoyed.

Thanks for coming Shinjuku and hope we will see you guy at countdown live in Ginza!


NYWRF 恒例の新宿アルタ・チラシ配りプロモーションに参加してきました。




All NYWRF pics copyright(c)2015-20...

1 Nov 2015

◎Updated more information at 20th of Dec


Yoko Hallelujah going to sing at 31st of Dec on Tokyo stage. It is a countdown event called "NEW YEARS WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL", Yoko will be there with NeroArgento from Italy.


NeroArgento and Yoko Hallelujah had released track called "Nausicaa" from "Princess Ghibli", and we have done other collaborations on NeroArgent's f...

8 Oct 2015


You can see that marvelous cards with "I AM ZOMBIE".

Enjoy the book with these cards;)





17 Sep 2015

Hey there, I've got back to Turin,Italy again. Just pop in here to say Ciao with Neroargent.

Don't miss our information folks, we will be uploaded details very soon.



Yoko Hallelujah:)


12 Sep 2015

I AM ZOMBIE's Field Manual and Pay kit here!

Looks amazing isn't it?

We'll uploaded infomation, keep check them out folks.




11 Sep 2015

 One of pics from I AM ZOMBIE's samples.



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