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12 Oct 2018

The event news-article on the newspaper of Tokyo Japan at/issue 12th Oct 2018.

Thanks for writing and inform about it!

We were really enjoyed that event also was amazing and super fun shows, thanks for coming it and thanks for all.

Looking forward to see you in Tokyo, Japan next time!

Many thanks,

A. Hymns Project

東都よみうり新聞(10月12日発行付)に、Gypsy Potさんと共演させて頂いた、イベントの記事/お寺ライブのインフォメーションが、...

A new event called "Let's Busking" is the Jam session/Gig by Jun S and Yoko Hallelujah.

The title is because they are two both buskers. It is not busking, it is a music event made from buskers.

They are doing gig sometime when Yoko is in Japan and made a new event with this time Yoko's back.

"We well play at the event only few time a year" but there is NO genre, NO nationality, No b...

Yoko going back to Tokyo, Japan at 14th of Oct and will play music at Japanese Temple in Tokyo.

It will be Busker's event made by the busker from Tokyo called Gypsy Pot. 

Yoko will join with them and going to be showing new release track there.

Please join us and looking forward to seeing you around Japan.

”Dream together playing from London and Tokyo Busker'...

Yoko Hallelujah will back to Turin, Italy.

We will have new information very soon,

Hope you are ok and keep check them out folks what will be happen on there!

See you very soon, ad speak to you soon guys! 

Best regard,






1 Oct 2016

ご報告。同名のアカウントについて。Yoko Hallelujahは"yoko hallelujah"名のYouTubeアカウント及び@hallelujahyokoのTwitterは持っていません。(11/27報告済内容加筆)

Hi People, Yoko Hallelujah doesn't have YouTube account that name of "yoko hallelujah".

Somebody told us that found same name's YouTube account. We've checked one and the account name is "yoko hallelujah" it said, but it wasn't Yoko Hallelujah,different face and tune/voi...

29 Jul 2016

They there,

Yoko will be sing The national anthem of Japan at WANGAN MUSIC CARNIVAL 30th of July in Tokyo.

This event coming a lots Japanese IDOLS and Yokohama Ginbae as the special guest.

Details are below,

Please come down and join the event.

Yoko will be coming around 12.30~45.

And event will be doing late time.

Hope to see you there and enjoy them!

Yoko xx 


25 Jun 2016


I heard the news about UK/EU thing,that's really really sad...in my opinion.

I am sorry about but we hope will be great our future as much as our dream.

Anyway, Japanese newspaper called "Nikkansports" put my article on the paper issue of 25th of June.

As you understand, the subject related to EU thing. They wrote down my comments as well.

Thanks for amazing article to writing...

25 May 2016


Japanese newspaper called NikkanSports wrote and uploaded to article of the event that date of 19th of May. (Issue 20th of May)

Mainly the article says about Mis Kuroiwa, but they wrote about me as well, also pics in.

If you can read, you can check from HERE.

Thank you so much to NikkanSports, 

And thanks again for all people came in MAJIKANA there!

We hope to see you at some ev...

23 May 2016

Hey people.

Thanks for the coming to Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan at 20th of May 2016.

We had great time and glad to met you all guys!

And,that was really surprised that you "knew Imaginary Flying Machines"!Amazing!

Glad to hear about your real voice there.

Thanks for the support to Imaginary Flying Machines's CDs, and thanks for the support this time!

I am really happy to met you then:))


8 May 2016

Yoko Hallelujah will be sing at 19th of May 2016 in Ginza Majikana again!

This time is the gig of AKIKO KUROIWA -A wife of Japanese big NOVELIST called ONIROKU DAN-

Yoko sings as guest of Ms KUROIWA’s show.

Hope we will see you there,

I am sure the event will be fun and cool, enjoy them!

Details are below, please check them out and hope to see you then,

Event:Special Live&Talk show at...

18 Apr 2016

Next Gig Information here,

Yoko Hallelujah going to sing at "Majikana", Ginza, Tokyo again.

This time the event will be talk show with a lots celebrities.

Yoko will sings some original songs and covered tune.

Please come and join us,

Information is below.

You can contact to place also from this website.-English or Japanese-

Thanks a lot,



4 Apr 2016



Thanks for the coming to AKIHABARA at 3rd April 2016.

Yoko Hallelujah sang on the stage of Competition called"The 5th of a Nation of More queen"

Also, Yoko sang the national anthem of Japan.


All people are peaceful and amazing,

Thanks for following us, hope to see you next our stage anyway!


Have a nice and enjoy your life, guys.





12 Mar 2016

 Japanese newspaper called "Nikkansports" do a feature on Yoko's UK story-Liverpool to London" on the page.-issue 12th of Mar.2016- 

The article witten by Nikkansports.

It was huge and fantastic article.

Thanks to Nikknsports and thanks for everyone to support and read!


日刊スポーツ・宅配プラス1にてYoko HallelujahのUKストーリー(リヴァプールからロンドンまで)をフィーチャー/ご紹介して下さいました。(2016/3/12発刊)



4 Mar 2016


Thanks for the coming to the event of Loft-plus one the other day! -3rd of Mar.

It was really good times and hope you had a good time too, and hope you liked our gig:)


See you next time people, 

And thanks for support to "Arigato", and "AIUEO No Uta"!


Keep check our information.

We will released these tune as new vertion!





Pics: (c)2016 Yoshiyuki Suzuki













28 Feb 2016

Folks, Yoko Hallelujah will be on stage of the event called "The Nation Of "MOE" Queen Competition" at 3th of Mar. in Shinjuky, Tokyo, Japan.

We will play and sings on the event, please come and join,

and enjoy the event also Yoko's little show time!

Ditalis below,-In Japanese but you can click on URL.

3月3日(木)桃の節句に、新宿ロフトプラスワンで開催の「第五回国民的萌えクィーンコンテスト前夜際」にて、ライブゲストとしてYoko Hallelujahが出演します...

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