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Gigs,Busking Live Video also Metal collaboration -WIth Italian Band and British Band- sample video here, More video, click links below.





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Hi there, finally renewal my blog called “Ane-san no tawagoto- . The site has English diary page as well.

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NOTE : It is just Blog site that writing in Japanese mainly. We will keep updated to some informations on the Official Website here.

Please stay and keep in touch anyway!:)

As you understand, we are-music live business is really struggle at the moment...

Hallelujah's comic tune called "Kara-Age" will be released in EP with Demo version. 

The EP called [Kara-Age Box]. Kara-Age" means Japanese Fried Chicken. This tune is Japanese Fried Chicken's song. It is very funny and pop tune. The Box included Japanese version, English version and Instrumental version, also Demo/Kids version -all here in 『Kara-Age Box』.

You can sing wi...

14 Feb 2020

Folks, we will be released tune called “Arigato” -remixed ver. and re-masterd- on 4th of March 2020.

You can get at all digital stores:)

The Japanese pop track is all London works, and we will say special thanks to Alessandro Vanara from Italy!

This tune called Arigato is a simple and catchy J-pop tune from Yoko Hallelujah. “Arigato” means “Thank you”, and it is most famous Jap...

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ご報告。同名のアカウントについて。(2016年11/27報告済・19年12月内容加筆) Yoko Hallelujah(ヨーコハレルヤ/ハレルヤ洋子)の個人名称と同アカウントが存在する報告が続いておりましたが、同名やなりすまし等ではなく、ただの類似と思われますので、ご心配なさらぬようお願い致します。もし不明な点やお気づきの点がありましたら、ご連絡頂けたらと思います。同様理由で、活動内容に関して誤った認識のメッセージが増えておりますので、改めましてご確認の上、お間違いのないようお願い致します。

Hi People, Yoko Hallelujah's youtube accounts written "Yoko Hallelujah Official" , Doesn't have YouTube account that name of "yoko hal...

8 Dec 2019

One of events called Ginsuikai at 11th Dec, and I am going to go to sing and will have some music sessions on the stage from 12th Dec.

Come and join us folks!

We’ll do at Ginza, Tokyo, Japan below.

Open 6pm Start 7pm till late : Place Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo  

art copyright ©️Yoko Hallelujah

Note: We are sorry that ld flyer had some wrong details, we already delated from internet a...


Yoko here. Hope you are doing well.

My blog(diary?) called "Ane-san no tawagoto" will be closed end of Jan 2020.

I will put some new information here.

After next feb, my blog will be completely delated from the Internet.

been many years. lots people visited to the old blog, thanks!

-but sorry I didn't update much:p

I really thankful about your support. 


1 Oct 2019

Hey there,

New video comes up from Yoko collaborations.

The track called "I ONLY NEED TO RUN"-Japanese version- from NeroArgento(Italy).

Please follow the track and hope you liked them.

Thanks a lot,



リリーストラック、"I ONLY NEED TO RUN" from NeroArgentoの日本語ヴァージョンです。



Thanks for coming and see us in Torino, Italy!

It was great times and we loved the place and great people there.  

Hope you enjoyed the show and the event.

Thanks a lot,

15 Sep 2019


Japanese learning tune called "AIUEO" (AIUEO NO UTA)released on 11th Sep 2019,

And we are ready to show you video with full lyrics here!

Please check them out and enjoy learning Japanese if you are interested.

Thanks for your support. 



12 Sep 2019

Comes up from Tomorrow, come and join us!

Remastered and Instrumental mini digipack Album will be released on 11th of Sep 2019 in the world.

You can get any digital stores anywhere in your countries.

The new acoustic Japanese pops called “AIUEO” and “Kara-Age” , very funny and easy pop tunes. So this time remastered these two and instrumental versions included on. Also, KARAOKE ver.

“AIUEO” means Japanese letters....

30 Aug 2019

Folks, Yoko will be on the stage of “LINGOTTO FIERE TORINO” (Turin Italy) on 13th,14th and 15th of Sep 2019. It is the show time of the event called Tattoo Convention Torino, The event time and Yoko’s “show time” details below,

Open - Close time : Whole EVENT time @LINGOTTO FIERE TORINO

13th Sep (Fri)  : Open 14:00 / Close 24:00 around 

14th Sep (Sat) : Open 12:00 / Close 24:00


24 May 2019

Would you love to learn Japanese? The new acoustic Japanese pop from Yoko Hallelujah.

“AIUEO” means Japanese letters. -a vowel- Lyrics used to all Japanese letters and written about very simple, easy and peaceful life.

If you interesting Japanese culture, and want to learn Japanese, this song will be good tune for you.

The guitar plays Osamu Yano. Yoko and Osamu joined J-pop project...

17 May 2019

New video trailer coming up. the new tune called "AIUEO", and will be released soon.

Check it out and hope you'll be loved it.

The tune will be Released on 24th of May 2019. You can get on any digital stores!

“AIUEO” means Japanese letters. -a vowel- Lyrics used to all Japanese letters and written about very simple, easy and peaceful life. If you interesting Japanese culture, and wa...

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